What to keep track of after investing in the crypto universe?

4 min readNov 28, 2022

One of the main pillars for finding good opportunities in the crypto universe is a fundamental analysis to understand the usefulness of the token and how the network will create demand to foster the ecosystem.

What should the investor follow?
Another important point within the analysis is the economics of the project, what percentage will be destined to the team, the advisors, seed investors, among other players that are invested in the project. The token distribution calendar is of paramount importance to know which dates we can have greater selling pressure and consequently find better entry and exit prices to improve the profitability of the positions.

Roadmap Monitoring
As we said in the previous section, monitoring the roadmap is important to know how the projects are progressing, in the case of liquid tokens we have more flexibility because most projects will already be in advanced stages of delivery. Anyway, it is interesting to follow up to see if there is any additional idea to be implemented in the project or any specific delivery that can add value to the token/currency.

Vesting schedule
All early stage investors receive the tokens for their investments according to the token economics, one of the main analysis items. We don’t want to make contributions against times when we already know we may have selling pressure, ideally we want to make contributions after the day investors receive their vesting.

On Chain Data
We always join the fundamentalist part with price behavior and on chain data, it is important to have a set of information to increase the edge at the time of investment. Through blockchain it is possible to map several market movements, we can filter short-term holders and long-term holders (over 155 days), separately analyze portfolios below 1 Bitcoin, over a thousand Bitcoins, observe price zones where assets have changed hands the most, large loss realizations, among other data that can anticipate larger price movements.
We can combine a multitude of metrics and map the health of the market as a whole, this way we can extract deeper data. The platform used by us is called Glassnode and is used around the world by several analysts, there are other platforms specialized in this segment, but Glassnode is the one that presents the greatest diversity of indicators.

Price Chart Analysis
After gathering all the data, we start with a price chart to fine tune the entries at the best possible points, we look for support points and regions of high traded volumes to act in high demand ranges.
Through technical analysis and price action we map out the best opportunities, both for entry to the trades and for exit with partial realizations thinking about optimizing the results. This way we can increase our position for the same asset or even use the profits to invest in new projects or narratives that may appear in the period.

Recap of the Main Points
For a better performance of the portfolio we always keep an eye on vesting schedules and follow the invested projects through social networks to learn about possible news. In the crypto universe the community is very strong and through these channels we can anticipate possible news or even be alert in case the project has lost some fundamentals or is not delivering what was disclosed in the Roadmap.

That is all for now! Stay Tuned and turn on the notifications!

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