Token economics: Do you know what it is?

  • When will be the release schedule for the tokens;
  • The different rounds (seed, strategic, KOL, private and public rounds, depending on the project);
  • Whether they have differences between their prices (usually they do, seed is the cheapest, followed by strategic private, KOL and then public price, in general terms); and
  • What percentage is going to be available already at the time of the TGE (Token Generation Event). We need to see if the percentage available is going to be higher when, for example, you participate in a later round like public or strategic, or is it going to be lower when it is there at seed or private. So we need to do all the measurement of this vesting schedule to know if it is really in accordance with the round we get, because it varies.



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Uniera operates as crypto exchange and venture capital firm that supports early-stage projects.