3 min readSep 21, 2023


In today’s article, we will discuss an innovative platform that was recently launched in the crypto universe. Tenet emerges, revolutionizing the blockchain by offering a Layer 1 solution compatible with EVM that transforms liquidity and creates opportunities for Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs). Through its innovative approach, Tenet empowers users with a variety of benefits that enhance their engagement and financial gains.

Users who participate in staking play an active role in the Tenet network by issuing tLSDs. These derivatives represent staked LSDs on the network’s validators, effectively enabling users to unlock the value of their staked assets while remaining active on the network. This injection of liquidity facilitates access to funds, allowing customers to utilize their assets.

Tenet’s brilliance lies in the creation of tLSDs, turning them into collateral within a growing ecosystem of LSDfi protocols. By doing so, Tenet bridges the gap between traditional staking rewards and the expanding decentralized finance (DeFi) space, opening new opportunities for financial growth for its users. With tLSDs in hand, users can seize opportunities and explore various DeFi platforms, amplifying their gains.


Tenet has implemented a cutting-edge mechanism that enhances network security and improves governance called Diversified Proof of Stake (DPS). By using LSDs as collateral for network validators, Tenet incentivizes and rewards holders, ensuring a robust and secure infrastructure. This approach inspires confidence in the network, attracting a wide range of validators and promoting democratic decision-making processes.

Furthermore, Tenet aims to encourage user participation. To achieve this, the team employs veTokenomics. By directing block rewards emissions and other dApps user incentives, the platform nurtures an ecosystem that can become massive. Users who lock their Tenet assets within this mechanism receive rewards from protocols deployed throughout the ecosystem.

As a result, users have the opportunity to increase their earnings while fostering an environment of continuous growth for the project.


The team behind Tenet recently introduced the native stablecoin of its blockchain, LSDC. The company creates this stablecoin from highly collateralized positions of tLSDs. Additionally, it offers users a third income opportunity for capital within the Tenet network.

This multifaceted approach provides customers with a range of opportunities to diversify their assets, maximize their returns, and capitalize within the dynamic blockchain universe.

Moreover, with its robust infrastructure, Tenet acts as a first-layer blockchain that offers native support for LSDfi. This innovative capability not only increases capital efficiency for users of other blockchains but also opens the door for DeFi protocols to thrive on the network, benefiting from various income sources. Tenet’s interoperability and compatibility empower users to interact with a wide variety of DeFi platforms, harnessing the full potential of their assets.


Tenet was launched on various tier 1 launchpads and delivered significant returns for early-stage investors. It boasts a team that has already developed successful solutions within the blockchain.

As the crypto universe evolves, Tenet emerges as a pioneer, revolutionizing the world of liquidity and yield opportunities. With its innovative features, visionary approach, and commitment to user-centric solutions, Tenet paves the way for a new era of financial empowerment within the blockchain universe.




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