SIDUS HEROES: Revolution in the Gaming Universe

3 min readNov 27, 2023


Sidus Heroes emerged as a revolutionary project in the world of MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and NFTs, marking a new era with its innovative integration of blockchain technology. This ambitious endeavor, launched in August 2021 as a collection of NFT avatars, quickly evolved into a space-themed game. Here, players are immersed in a vast universe where they can explore new worlds, colonize planets, and engage in a myriad of challenging and stimulating activities.

Features and Functionalities

Gameplay and Activities: The platform offers a diverse range of activities, ranging from building infrastructure to choosing professions. Players can actively participate in the game and venture into planet colonization, fostering a sense of community and collaboration essential for progress in the metaverse.

Technology and Accessibility: With the implementation of Web GL technology, Sidus Heroes provides advanced and interactive graphics accessible directly through web browsers. This approach significantly reduces technical and financial barriers for blockchain-based gaming enthusiasts.

Game Longevity and Engagement: Designed as a long-term virtual world, the game encourages players to dedicate themselves for years, developing skills and expanding their influence and legacy within the metaverse.

Game Economy and Tokens: The game features a robust economic system with two types of tokens: $SIDUS for various utilities and $SENATE for governance and influence over critical decisions.


SIDUS: This utility token is vital for a variety of in-game processes, including transaction fees, upgrades, and infrastructure construction. It promotes cooperation among players and economic stability, along with a deflation mechanism that reduces its supply through token burning.

SENATE: The SENATE token is crucial for the metaverse’s governance system, influencing everything from elections to spaceship construction and real estate processes. This token also has a deflation mechanism, ensuring its long-term value.

Innovation and Technological Impact

Sidus Heroes’ use of blockchain technology is not just a novelty but a paradigm shift in the gaming universe. By incorporating NFTs and a token system, the game not only offers a new form of digital ownership and investment but also establishes an innovative economic model within the gaming world.


One of the most intriguing aspects of Sidus Heroes is the building of an engaged and active community. Players from around the world have the opportunity to interact, form alliances, and work together in building a unique metaverse. This community is not just a group of players but a culture that shares interests, goals, and a passion for the Sidus universe.


Sidus Heroes has garnered significant interest in the cryptocurrency market. The game demonstrates success not only in the digital entertainment field but also in the financial realm. The funding received totals $21 million in three rounds of investment, led by Animoca Brands, along with major names such as Polygon Ventures, Magnus Capital, OKX Ventures, and Master Ventures.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Sidus Heroes is positioned to become not only a leader in the world of blockchain-based gaming but also a pioneer in creating immersive virtual experiences. With a dedicated team and a growing community, the game promises to continue expanding its universe, offering new adventures, challenges, and opportunities for its players.

In summary, Sidus Heroes is not just a game; it is a milestone in the evolution of digital gaming and blockchain technology. Combining engaging gameplay, a robust in-game economy, and significant support from investors and partners, Sidus Heroes is shaping the future of gaming and setting a new standard.




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