New project for portfolio — Vybe Network

2 min readMay 18, 2022


Uniera has just invested in Vybe Network!

Vybe network is a data and infrastructure provider for the Solana blockchain. We aim to provide tools to query, index, and share on chain data to build web3 distributed apps (often abbreviated as dApps) and perform analytics. Our tooling can be used to easily stream live data or query historical data from a distributed network of indexers.

Solana and Web3 are new and ever-evolving. There are new innovations happening in this space at a breakneck pace. Learning and starting to develop apps for it can feel complex and daunting. We want to make building apps for Solana feel accessible to every developer, no matter which background or programming language you come from. We feel that you should be able to bring your existing skills forward while also benefitting from the new advancements in blockchain technology.

We were able to negotiate an excellent round, we also took into consideration that this is a project that has the potential to be giant, it also has great backers.

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About Uniera

Uniera has investing in game changing business models in the blockchain sector Uniera is dedicated to supporting early stage (pre-seed, seed and private) projects across the Web 3.0 space, including DeFi, Metaverse/GameFi, DAOs, and infrastructure layers. Through our investment vehicle in Cayman Islands, we manage proprietary and qualified investor`s funds into some of the most promising opportunities in crypto market.

Founded in March 2021, Uniera is a crypto exchange and manager dedicated to the portfolio of professional investors and family offices. Conceived by partners Caio Villa and Gustavo Albanesi, the company seeks to become the the main access route for investors to the best projects in the digital assets market. With tokens audited by Grant Thornton, one of the largest and most respected in the segment, Uniera seeks to raise the level of reliability in cryptocurrency trading in the country.

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Uniera operates as crypto exchange and venture capital firm that supports early-stage projects.