New project for portfolio — Ritestream

3 min readMay 19, 2022

Uniera has just invested in Ritestream!

It is a decentralized platform for the creation, monetization and consumption of film and TV content via Web 3.0. The core idea of Ritestream is to empower content creators from conception to distribution. Through a decentralized NFT marketplace, Ritestream aims to drive efficiency and cost savings by enabling personalized access to content available on the platform. It will also be possible to trade NFTs from Producers who own content within the platform.

Ritestream’s vision is to empower creators from ideation to global distribution. With a decentralized NFT market for film and Television, ritestream will drive efficiency and cost savings for broadcasters, and enable access to personalized content choice for viewers.

Ritestream disrupts the legacy production system using blockchain technology and NFTs to empower the content creator.

Each production can be minted as an NFT off the blockchain, fractionalized to entice community investors, and programmed to issue real time creator commissions and audience rewards. Once minted, the production NFT becomes an investable digital asset with the following features:

  • Provide a secure, authentic digital representation of the work of any creator.
  • NFTs are programmed to automatically issue commissions in ritecoin for artists when the NFT is bought, sold, or traded.
  • Viewers, crew members, and stakeholders can have a share in their favorite shows and films fractionalization.
  • Transparent monetization and distribution processes allow Creators to instantly connect to millons of NFT collectors through metamask.
  • Long-term earnings potential for all the stakeholders of NFTs through cinematic network effects and the tradability of NFT cinematic assets.
  • Digitized encrypted ownership spares creators from the complexities and multi-layers of middlemen when getting paid or verifying rights.

We invested in Ritestream because it has a great potential for disruption for the niche it is inserted, it already has partnerships with big names in the traditional market.

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