New project for portfolio — Quint

3 min readMay 16, 2022


Uniera has just invested in Quint!

Quint brings an unprecedented ecosystem within the crypto universe, with marketplace of NFTs, super stake platform that brings real world returns and luxury experiences to a global audience. Quint plans to connect the metaverse with the real world by bringing novelties to the crypto medium through its platform. Quint introduces a stake platform with differentiated rewards, a Marketplace of NFTs and access to the Quint store only for the network’s native token holders, bringing exclusivity to the community.

Super-staking Pools

The Super-staking Pools are divided into two main categories:

  • Luxury Raffle Pools
  • Quintessential Pools

In addition to the standard crypto reward, Super-staking in Luxury Raffle Pools will yield real world luxury prizes through Raffles that will be held at the end of staking duration for the pools.

Boutique NFT Marketplace

QUINT’s boutique NFT Marketplace will allow connoisseurs from across the globe to not just get their tailor-made NFTs designed by creative minds with an inherent eye for luxury but also get those freshly minted NFTs installed into Token Frames and delivered to their doorsteps.

Metaverse Arts Club

Both the buyers of our bespoke and limited edition NFTs aswell as our premium investors super-staking in the Quintessential Pools will get access to different tiers of our signature Metaverse Arts Club.

DeFi -> Real World Assets

QUINT aims to add unique real-world collectibles to its treasury, the future upside of which will be distributed amongst the Super-staking Pool stakers.

Morphing the Super-staking Pools concept further to have extended lock-in periods in lieu of profit-sharing from the future sale of the created asset, another one of QUINT’s key future goals is to develop luxury physical real estate. This would make the QUINT investors fractional owners in the real-world asset in proportion of their investment in the Quint’s DeFi ecosystem.

The Quint Shop

The Holders of QUINT tokens and NFTs get exclusive access to the Quint Shop.The marketplace will hold Quint Merchandise such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Shoes, Shirts, Jackets, and much more.The users can buy their choice of merchandise outright or the Quint Community can bid for items such as limited edition Quint Merchandise through auctioning facility incorporated into the Quint Shop.

The project has a fee mechanic within the protocol, where half of all fees will go towards the LP and marketing of the project, showing that the team intends to strengthen the ecosystem in the long term.

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