New project for portfolio — Nayms

3 min readOct 19, 2022


Uniera has just invested in Nayms!

Nayms is a marketplace for crypto-native insurance, a bridge between alternative capital and uninsured risk in the rapidly evolving digital assets space. Provide the technical and legal infrastructure over which stakeholders come together to capitalise and transfer risk on-chain. At Nayms, all insurance, from limits and premiums to claims and reserving, is conducted entirely in a cryptocurrency of choice, whether a general token, sush as Ethereum and Bitcoin, or a stablecoin. By matching assets with liabilities, Nayms reduce or eliminate currency risk on blockchain exposures.

The solution is crypto-equivalent, combine centralised oversight and accountability with features of decentralised finance for the best of both worlds. All capitalisation and transfer of risk on the platform are subject to rigorous regulation and continuous governance. The insurance operations are fully regulated in Bermuda, the world`s third-largest insurance jurisdiction, a leading tech-forward regulator. Nayms has a experienced board of directors that governs according to well-established domestic rules as well as relevant international standards. The utility token NAYM which complements the core offering by working to encourage correct behaviour and to align incentives among supply and demand side participants in the marketplace.

Nayms will be an on chain insurance marketplace that will provide the framework for insurers to create their products and investors in order to participate in the profits. The whole process will be done by smart contracts, basically the insurer that wants to be an affiliate will make a request to Nayms and will pay an annual fee to the company to obtain the authorization to operate within the marketplace.

The native token NAYM will be listed on Coinbase and has Coinbase Ventures as backer. This can really hype the launch, the solution is very disruptive and can bring to web 3 all the safety that works in the real world.

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