Metaverse: An economy born in the digital environment

4 min readNov 21, 2022


Learn how the virtual world can impact the real world

Within the digital universe we all know, a new economy is being born. Over the last year, the theme of metaverse has gained the mainstream. After Facebook changed its name to Meta, due to the new goals set for the company’s future.

But what is the metaverse?
It is a kind of virtual world that replicates several real world situations. The user can experience a true immersion inside a virtual reality through a set of technologies.
Users can already scan items from the real world and use them in the metaverse, it is also possible to create your own avatar, through scanners, and have your physical details inside this virtual reality. The user can purchase augmented reality glasses and experience several functionalities.
Companies from the most varied segments are already present inside the metaverse. Banks, clothing stores, and banks. As we said in the beginning, it is a new model of economy that is being born, and several investors see it as an opportunity to take their brands to the public that is present within these platforms.

Within the main projects linked to Metaverse, users are able to buy and sell land, rent their properties, buy and sell various items through the platform’s own marketplace.
To better understand how this monetization works, it is necessary to understand the concept of NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

What is NFT?
Translated, it means non-fungible token, i.e. not divisible. NFTs are items created in the virtual world, from a sneaker, car, land, or even a photo. Everything is registered on the blockchain and is owned by whoever registered it or whoever bought it, this makes an NFT unique and exclusive.
The internet as we know it in the past has evolved over the years, in the first stage users just interacted with the published content, in a second moment, with web 2.0, users could log in from their social networks or emails, thus making their data available, that is, the user became a product and several companies took advantage to make a lot of money with this information.
Now we are entering the era of web 3.0, where users connect to sites and applications through wallets installed on the computer or cell phone, where it is possible to negotiate and store virtual assets.

This new Internet era is marked by three concepts:
- Decentralization — promotes independence from banks and governments
- Privacy — avoids the exposure of personal data, tracking, and targeted advertising
- Virtualization — strengthens digital universes
All this transformation that is taking place with the Internet will bring unimaginable benefits to users, a new way of looking at the digital economy is becoming real. Many games are being developed with their own economy, the so-called play to earn. Users who used to play games just for fun are now able to monetize their interactions with games and metaverse.

And how are traditional market investors doing?
The US bank JP Morgan said that the metaverse represents a $1 trillion opportunity, no wonder it was the first bank to make its presence felt within the virtual reality environment.

Over the last few months, millions of dollars have been invested, and well-known personalities from all over the world are already present in the metaverse. Some singers and DJs are already holding events in the virtual world, Ariana Grande is one example.
Users who bought real estate, built billboards, and now rent these spaces to advertisers. There are already casinos on several metaverse platforms, and many players already frequent this environment, since several countries have legislation against games of this type. Virtual artists have begun to market their artwork registered as NFTs.
It is worth noting that the vast majority of decentralized metaverse applications run on the Ethereum blockchain, the most robust network of smart contracts, which provides more trust and security for users.

With the arrival of web 3.0, a more participatory and less centralized economic model has been created. Users can have ownership over digital art, items purchased within the metaverse, and their avatars, something that was unthinkable until recently.
As time goes on, more applications are being developed and more space is being given to the virtual economy. Many traditional investors who once spoke ill of the metaverse have now surrendered and started investing in assets linked to the virtual world.

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